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Hello Homo! goes PLACCC (Budapest, Hungary) and Forumbox (Helsinki, Finland)

Monday, September 3rd, 2012

Now “Hello Homo!” is preparing to take part in PLACCC art festival. “Hello Homo!” will be on display from the 21st to the 25th of September in Budapest and will be back to Forumbox from 29.09 – 21.10.2012

After a huge succsess in Karhu Puisto on the Night of the Arts “Hello Homo!” was greeted by more than 800 viewers who left very positive feedback and now going for more.

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FORUMBOX: Sept. 29th to 21st of October

Accompanying Hello Homo! piece will be previous Crucible Studio and Jaakko Pesonen production Alan01  installation which engages the viewer in dialogue with a fictional Alan Turing, as if Turing’s consciousness had been coded into a machine at the time of his death in 1954.