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Enactive Avatar

Enactive Avatar

A shared drama entangles you and Enactive Avatar into non-verbal experience of co-presence in life and death. On-going…

Video scenarios in medical education

Video scenarios in medical education

The project analyses video scenarios used in medical education, and develops new scenarios for medical schools. On-going…

Life is an Image

Life as an Image

An art & science project explores cultural phenomenas of alienation by means of image making and 3d sensing. On-going…


Play Me

An interactive roleplay with smartphones, where one minute is one year and every spectator plays the life of another one. On-going…

NeuroCineIcon2 NeuroCine

Research on intersubjectively shared, embodied underpinnings of the human mind engaged with drama.


Obsession2006Enactive Cinema

Interactive cinema format based on viewers’ unconscious psychophysiological responses (enaction).



Digital poetry application for iPad based on the Antikythera mechanism and Saila Susiluoto’s poems.

City Noises

The EU Culture artistic research project experiments with different creative practices to explore local and global urban identities.


Guests of Honour

The installation explores coincidence in figurative narrative that consists of orientalist G. A. Wallin’s (1811–1852) portraits made during his journeys in the Middle East.

Unperformed – Installation

An experimental installation and tools investigation inspired by Ooppera Skaala’s Great Conspiracy – The Opera.

Great Conspiracy – The Opera

A new breed of audiovisual performance best described by the term multimedia opera.

City Sets

A research, education and media art project exploring visual & multimodal urban identities, as well as spatial, multilinear and associative narratives in cities.

Culture Planet

A concept development project dealing with interface design, data narration and visualization using semantic ontologies in the context of cultural information.

At Hand
At Hand is an interactive piece designed for touch screens in public space. The project is about urban gestures, micro spaces of the street and the possibility of encountering otherness.

Hei Homo! Hello Homo!

The interactive video installation in public space investigates (online) prejudice towards minorities.

DIMEKE Narrative Product Development

DIMEKE – Content Development for Digital Media 2009–2011 is a Finnish national initiative, supported by the European Social Fund.

The second edition of Alan01 engages the user in a dialogue with a fictional Alan, as if his consciousness had been coded into a machine at the time of his death.

turing-thumbTuring Machine

The Turing Machine Cross Media Experimental Production investigates associational storytelling and interaction structures, demonstrating human-machine communication.

nm2-thumbNew Media for a New Millenium – NM2

Want a romantic version of Star Wars? Or your own cut of Big Brother? A new EU project aims to personalise our viewing and create a new media genre.


Accidental Lovers

Hybrid of mobile phone messaging chat and black comedy series for television and broadband media


Games and storytelling

Lecture presentations introducing industry case histories, providing contextual, historical and cultural background for deeper understanding in game design.


SALERO aims at making cross media-production for games, movies and broadcast faster, better and cheaper.


Interactive Narratives in Cross-media Systems explores interactive narrative concepts for digital media, including computer games, cinema, internet, digital TV and soundscapes.

Suitcase-thumbTulse Luper Journey

Artistic research production and study project in the Crucible Studio and Media Lab.


Runedance – myth for today

RuneDance / RuneDrum is conceived as a chance-based multimedia work based on Finnish mythology and the traditional Singing of Tales.

Election Stareuhahmo-thumb

Cross-media programme consisting of a TV-show, Internet and mobile media site that all utilize a common database.

Arkkikone_iso-thumbArkkikone (IntelCities)

As part of the IntelCities research and technological development project, the Crucible has developed the “Arkkikone” web application in collaboration with the City of Tampere.


Dance on Demand / Myths for the Day

Dance on Demand features a new content format and genre for interactive television and mobile devices.



IntelCities was a research and development project to pool knowledge of electronic government, planning systems and citizen participation from across Europe.

arabianasukas-thumbIn the Hood (IntelCities)

I became a lion wearing a crown! – IN THE HOOD researches city planning by the means of storytelling.

bot_alchemy_thumbBot Alchemy

Bot Alchemy is Douwe-Sjoerd Boschman’s experiment to see what semi-random generated speech can do for interactive database narratives.


is tactile, game-like poetry application for iPad and other tablet devices. It is based on the Antikythera mechanism, the ancient analog computer from c. 100 BC Greece, found in the Aegean Sea in 1900.

Download to iPad from App Store: (Available only in Finnish.)

Kun pimeä havahtuu, on myöhäistä, joku lamppu on syttynyt jo.
    (When the dark wakes up, it is too late, a lamp is lit already.)

Antikythera_screen-10-05-2015The application is experimental and voluminous; it contains over 200 poems written for the mechanism. The artwork links together poetry, new technology, visual and sound art, and researches and explores new forms and possibilities of digital poetry: broken chronology, randomness and determined paths of reading, locked poems which open procedurally, games, visual and animated poems, temporality, disappearing and appearing poems, poems where verses change their places from one poem to another, words and lines which change their meanings and react to the reader’s physical actions, her/his touch and movement of the tablet.

The Antikythera collection of poems has six parts – or storyworlds, presented as the gears of the mechanism – each part containing 32 poems written for 32 different themes (e.g. love, transition, death etc.). Zeppelin Letters from The Hindenburg (Ilmalaivakirjeet Hindenburgilta) is about young Adele and Hindenburg’s last journey in 1937. Labrys, the feminist and feminine version of the story of Ariadne, is set on the Treblinka extermination camp. The Witch (Noita) tells about the 17th century witch-hunt in Finnmark, Vardo Island, Norway. In The Empress (Keisarinna), Elisabeth of Austria monologues about restlessness, rage and lack of freedom. Images of Artists (Taiteilijakuvia) is situated in pre-war Vienna and discusses poverty, art, love, sex and artist’s muses via two voices: Oskar Kokoschka’s doll of Alma Mahler and Egon Schiele’s lover Valerie Neutzil. Town Stories (Kaupunkitarinoita) imagines a medieval European town with a whole new set of little ghost and horror stories between poetry and prose – it’s about poverty, evil and horror.

There is also an Oracle in Antikythera, divining mechanism based on the “free verses” of all the poems in the thematically organised database. The database also provides the reader with date, season and moon phase sensitive daily verses via the moon interface traveling in astronomical real-time unless interrupted: the cosmos goes on unless a reader pauses it.

Based on awarded poet Saila Susiluoto‘s overall idea and concept, Antikythera presents her latest collection, co-dramatised for new media by director Mika ‘Lumi’ Tuomola, visual art and interface design by Shakti Dash, sound art & design by Antti Nykyri, and system architecture by Rasmus Vuori. The work is supported by the Arts Promotion Centre Finland, Promotion Centre for Audiovisual Culture (AVEK, Milla Moilanen & Elena Näsänen) and Kone Foundation, and is being technically finalised for the Finnish Apple App Store during Spring-Summer 2015 by the Taiste production company.

The public launch – together with Susiluoto’s Ariadne book (published by Otava) that is a transmedial part of the storyworlds of Antikythera – will take place in Media Centre Lume,
historia3Helsinki, Finland, on Friday 21 August 2015. Antikythera will also be presented as an immersive installation piece, designed by architect & media artist Jaakko Pesonen, 20-30 Aug 2015 in the Helsinki Observatory gallery as a part of the Helsinki Festival (14-30 Aug) events Poetry Moon (Runokuu) and Media Facades.

The Finnish Antikythera app will be demonstrated in English in the exhibition floor of the 21st International Symposium on Electronic Art (ISEA2015), Vancouver, Canada, 14-18 August 2015. The requiring poetic translation of Antikythera into English is expected to take place by early 2016. Meanwhile, for both the non-Finnish and Finnish speaking storyworld travellers alike, the app’s tactile mechanism makes it a pleasurable instrument for playing sound and visual art.

Read more in Saila Susiluoto’s “Project Antikythera” essay in the Finnish “Jano” poetry journal (Issue 3 November 2014):