Media Lab Helsinki


Crucible Studio is located in the Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture (Aalto ARTS) and its activities are grounded on close co-operation with its departments, particularly Media Centre LUME and Media Lab Helsinki at the Department of Media, wherein Crucible Studio is a research group. Their facilities are in Crucible's use.

Media Centre Lume

Lume is a national education, research, development and production centre of audiovisual media. The Media Centre is equipped with first-class premises and latest equipment for TV and video productions, stage design alternatives, and for film screenings, public relations exercises and conferences.

Media Lab Helsinki

The Media Lab is a unit in the Department of Media, at the Aalto ARTS. The lab provides education and research frameworks for studying digital media products, contents and technologies, their design, development and the effect they have on society. Media Lab Helsinki is equipped with number of high quality hardware and software tools and infrastructure needed in contemporary creative digital media productions and education. Facilities include video editing and 3-D modeling tools and videoconferencing.