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To the Memory of Mika Lumi Tuomola 1971-2016

Tuesday, June 14th, 2016

Mika 1971-2016

These sad news from Milan about the death of our dear long-term colleague, Mika ‘Lumi’ Tuomola, reached me on the 7th of June 2016. Since then a wide community of friends and colleagues have worked hard to understand that it is true – we have lost him. No, we cannot embrace him anymore. But we can embrace his spirit, his intellectual and creative heritage. Here, we may prefer the tale to the truth. I’m convinced that Mika wants us to wipe our tears, look ahead, and continue carrying on his great passion for the mirror-twins: The Life and The Tale.

In 2001 Mika founded the Crucible Studio, the journey that lasted for 14 years. Mika’s cv is extensive, including pioneering work in the field of interactive narratives and activities in national and international art and media organisations. Crucible Studio’s production page shows the wide range of brave artistic projects that were guided under his creative directorship. Above all, artists and researchers associated with the Crucible Studio during these 14 years will remember Mika’s unique and wonderful energetic ability to connect people from all around the world together.

Mika continued connecting people even after autumn 2015, when he was invited to a tenured Professorship position at Politecnico di Milano. Milano, the world-famous centre of art and design, the city of fulfilment of all his dreams, it seemed. Faithful to his nature, Mika kept his home open for visiting friends and colleagues, and many of us had the pleasure to enjoy his hospitality. We will miss the long passionate discussions, which brought alive the characters from Commedia dell’Arte or the stages of Teatro alla Scala. Or, the great performances of old ladies, such as “I’m Still Here” by Elaine Stritch. Oh, how we laughed! And how he sang along – and laughed! Yes, maybe Mika is no more here, but his laughter will stay in our hearts.

On the behalf of Crucible Studio and its associated artists and researchers around the world, I express the deepest sorrow for his far too early death. Take a moment and live the song of Elaine Stritch – for the memory of our beloved Mika Lumi.

Pia Tikka
Creative director
Crucible Studio