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Jaakko Pesonen / Human Class 5.2.–28.2.2016 Valokuvakeskus Peri

Tuesday, January 26th, 2016

Welcome to the exhibition opening in the presence of the artist Thursday 4 February from 7 to 9 pm.

In his exhibition Human Class Jaakko Pesonen tackles classification as a need to place ourselves and others in groups. Pesonen, who himself has spent his childhood and youth in Asia and Africa, sees classification as a phenomenon that is frequently inconspicuous and often experienced as a natural part of one’s environment and culture. Even though classification often derives from the humane need of belonging to a group, it can also cause excluding people who are considered different, scary or threatening. Pesonen investigates classification as a means to seclude people and to express power structures, but also as an excuse for not facing oneself. Pesonen aims to stir people into perceiving that others – also those not belonging to our own class – can enrich our world. The exhibition Human Class consists of three video installations subtitled in English. The works deal with e.g. homosexual stereotypes, the difficulty of aging and prejudices on identity.



The first interactive video installation is “Hello Homo!” (2012) in which three characters (acted by Laura Birn, Vera Kiiskinen and Sara Paavolainen) present online comments on homosexuality as tragicomic everyday beliefs and offer you a personal encounter with prejudice.

“The Second Me” (2016) deals with how we see ourselves versus how we think others percieve us . Narratives can be read from various points of view simultaneously. The philosophical foundation of the work lies in the minimal difference between two realities. “The Second Me” is made in collaboration with a group assembled by Pia Bartsch, the community artist of the Kone Foundation Saari Residency. Hannele Akkanen, Minna Hautio, Zivile Karvonen, Jani Konttila and Pekka Savolainen have scripted and perform in the installation.

The third installation, “Pet/Prisoner/Pensioner” (2015) unfolds themes around aging. It gives a possibility for the viewer to face the complex stage of life. The script of the installation is based on internet chatroom discussions on the rights of the elderly, animals and prisoners. Simone de Beauvoire’s “The Coming of Age” (1970) and Sara Heinämaa’s “Transformations of Old Age” (2014) are used as basis for interpreting the complex questions. Kristiina Elstelä, Ani Krossi, and Pekka Pesonen perform in the installation.

The works have been supported by the Promotion Centre of Audiovisual Culture, AVEK, the Arts Promotion Centre and Kone Foundation. “Hello Homo!” is produced by Crucible Studio research group in Aalto University media department and it has been concepted in collaboration with Mika “Lumi” Tuomola, the artistic leader of the studio. “Hello Homo!” is sponsored by the EU’s Cultural Program (City Noises), the Ministry of Education and Culture and City Sets project.

BERLINALE 2016 features a film edited by our doctoral student Jelena Rosic

Friday, January 22nd, 2016

Humidity image

We are proud to announce that at this year’s Berlin International Film Festival 11.2.2016 – 21.2.2016, a feature film Humidity, directed by Nikola Ljuca and edited by Jelena Rosic, premieres in the Forum Competition. Humidity has been supported by Nederlands Film Fonds, Hubert Bals Fonds, Film Center Serbia, Eurimages and it is a co-production between Dart Film (SR), Lemming Film (NL), 2|35 (GR), and Cinnamon Production (SR).

The Forum Competition is focusing on avant garde, experimental works, essays, long-term observations, political reportage and yet-to-be-discovered cinematic landscapes: the International Forum of New Cinema, Forum in short, is the most daring section of the Berlinale.

Jelena Rosic is a doctoral student at Crucible Studio since fall 2015, and currently works on her doctoral thesis “Enactive Storytelling: A study of editing as embodied sense-making in interactive media”. She holds MA in Artistic Research from the Netherlands Film Academy and MA in Film Editing from The Faculty of Dramatic Arts, Belgrade.

See Humidity Trailer  or Teaser