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Do not miss Towards a Science of Consciousness Helsinki June 8-13

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2015


Check the program of  the 21st annual international, interdisciplinary conference on the fundamental questions connected with conscious experience.

TSC Riitta Hari Plenary IMG_2801

Full hall immersed in the TSC Plenary talk by academy professor Riitta Hari, Aalto University School of Science on “Social interaction in the core of human brain function” June 9.


Toward a Science of Consciousness (TSC) is the largest and longest-running interdisciplinary conference emphasizing broad and rigorous approaches to the study of conscious awareness. Topical areas include neuroscience, philosophy, psychology, biology, quantum physics, meditation and altered states, machine consciousness, culture and experiential phenomenology. Cutting edge, controversial issues are emphasized. Held annually since 1994, the TSC conferences alternate yearly between Tucson, Arizona and various locations around the world. The University of Helsinki is proud to host TSC 2015 in the Great Hall of its neoclassical main building located in the downtown area.

Moscow Bar TSC 2015 Crucible

Crucible’s associated artist Hanna Haaslahti and doctoral student Jelena Rosic immersed in discussions about the human double and the time-reversed mirror image with professor Giuseppe Vitiello and Marina Vitiello in Moscow Bar during the TSC2015. Photos by Pia Tikka

At the Towards Science of Consciousness, Helsinki, June 9-13, you have a unique possibility to attend, for instance, several presentations by a sparkling mind, Giuseppe Vitiello, professor in theoretical physics in Universita di Salerno, Italia.

Also Pia Tikka talks about   “Intersubjectively shared (un)consciousness enacted on cinema screen, Thursday, June 11 • 2:30pm – 4:35pm in a symposium titled “Astronauts and Avatars: Exploring Consciousness through the Art and Science of Embodiment”.

TSC conferences continue to bring together various fields approaching the issue of consciousness from different perspectives, orientations and methodologies. These include not only academic subjects within the social and natural sciences, medicine and humanities, but also contemplative and experiential traditions, arts and culture. TSC aims to integrate these disciplines, bridge gaps and pursue relevant details in the spirit of a genuine dialogue.

See you Thursday June 11, 2015 2:30pm – 4:35pm at the Main Building, auditorium IV

“Emerging from darkness” QPP2015 May 30, 2015

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2015

By Pia TikkaLeonardo image new med

The speakers at the fourth conference on the Quantum Paradigm of Psychopathology (QPP) in Como, Italy, represented a selection of groundbreaking scientific views to the human brain-body system and the emergence of life in all its forms. The Como meeting was a fascinating concentration of interdisciplinary scientists, who dare to reach beyond the contemporary rigid paradigms of their proper disciplines to the far future. One could imagine two giants of scientific thinking virtually present: Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci “Al Rinnovatore delle Arti e delle Scienze” (image) and Thomas Kuhn with his description of scientific paradigm shifts in his book The Structure of Scientific Revolutions (1962).

Information of the group QPP is relatively difficult to find by internet search. Check this. And you  may read more of “How does our classical world emerge from the counterintuitive principles of quantum theory? Can we even be sure that the world doesn’t ‘go quantum’ when no one is watching?” Philip Ball talks to the theorists and experimentalists trying to find out answers in Ball Philip, Quantum all the way, Nature Vol 453, 1 May 2008.

At the Towards Science of Consciousness, Helsinki, June 9-13, you have a unique possibility to attend several presentations by a QPP group member with sparkling mind, Giuseppe Vitiello, professor in theoretical physics in Universita di Salerno, Italia.

My invited presentation on “How intersubjectively shared narratives can help to understand socio-emotional deviations – a neurocinematic approach” bridged the preceding discussions on the quantum level of physics with that of human mind in enaction. Dr. Tuszynski  whose pioneering research in the computational biophysics in silico drug design for cancer chemotherapy, referred to my work as a starting point for a totally new field of science. This is to be seen 😉 but indeed, an advice to anybody with a searching and passionate mind: Go abroad, go beyond, go outside of your own comfort zone and the rigid paradigms. And you will always discover something – emerging from darkness.