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Welcome to the Media Lab Helsinki Christmas Demo Day on Thu 16 Dec 2010!

Monday, December 13th, 2010

We gather at the Aalto University School of Art and Design, Department of Media, the 4th floor Media Lab space. Come to see what we’ve been up to during this autumn. We will begin at 13:00 in the afternoon until 17:00 or so. The program will be published on Wednesday in here:

Crucible Studio will present a selection of projects created within the Aalto University Department of Media and Media Centre Lume in collaboration with the School of Science and Technology, Media Factory, Opera Skaala, m-cult / Media Facades 2010, MultiTouch Ltd and DIMEKE Content Development for Digital Media. Funders: EU, AVEK The Promotion Centre for Audiovisual Culture, Arts Council of Finland and Aalto University Media Factory.

The opening of Crucible Studio’s fall term 2010 by Heidi Tikka’s “At Hand” research production for touch screens in public space laid out the theme for the rest of the year – and 2011. While the physical interaction installation “Alan01” about the life and death of Alan Turing was opened in the Florence ACM Multimedia 2010 Interactive Art Exhibit, we ran the hands-on City Sets workshop and more theoretically oriented seminar about the visual, multimodal and narrative investigation of the city and its urban planning. Also the next year will open up with the design of physical interfaces for storytelling, as we start the work on “The Great Conspiracy” multimedia opera and continue to develop the City Sets research into city location-based narrative art installations.