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Crucible at ACMM 2009 Beijing

Tuesday, October 27th, 2009

Full paper “Concept, Content and the Convict” presented at ACM Multimedia 2009 by Media Lab Helsinki’s Crucible Studio, and University of Glasgow.

The research undertaken by Crucible Studio within the SALERO project, especially with regard to the use of content-based search and retrieval and its potential uses in cross media productions, is described in the full paper “Concept, Content and the Convict”, co-authored with University of Glasgow. The paper was presented by Teemu Korpilahti, Jaakko Pesonen, Mika Tuomola and Feng Yue (Univ. Glasgow) at the ACM – Association for Computing Machinery – International Conference on Multimedia, Beijing on 20 October 2009. The presentation was held in the conference’s Interactive Art session.

Authors of the paper are Joemon Jose, Teemu Korpilahti, Jaakko Pesonen, Robert Villa, Punitha Swamy, Mika Tuomola and Feng Yue.

ACM Multimedia website

Link to paper (pdf)

Forbidden city

Turing Machine – Alan 01 installation and Alan Online

Monday, October 5th, 2009

turing-thumbTuring Machine

The Turing Machine Cross Media Experimental Production investigates associational storytelling and interaction structures, demonstrating human-machine communication.